Preparing For Your Newborn Lifestyle Session

I LOVE Lifestyle Newborn Sessions because they take place within the walls of your home. The place where memories are created and the growth of your baby takes place. As a newborn photographer, there are so many things that go into making your session as fun and seamless as possible. I promise with a little planning, you can relax and enjoy your session by following these 6 tips.

  1. Tidy Up- Removing any distracting items or clutter throughout the house before I arrive. The living area, nursery and master bedroom are typically the rooms I use the most, but I sometimes use other rooms so making sure things are picked up is important. Items such as burp clothes, toys, remotes, things on the kitchen table or side tables, pack n plays, etc. This helps keep the flow of the session rather than me moving things around when I should be shooting. I dont want to miss any moments!!
  2. Staying On Time- Make sure everyone is dressed, fed and ready can really change the tone of the entire session. I know sometimes things dont always go as planned, but keeping this as a main focus is important. Make sure mom and dad communicate who is going to be doing what day of and preparing the night before by laying out outfits etc.
  3. Natural Light is Key- Let the natural light pour through the windows as much as possible. Open up curtains and have the blinds before I arrive.. Turn off all lamps and lights throughout the house. I promise it might seem dark but this will give you the exact look you are wanting.
  4. Planning Outfits- Neutrals are your best friend. They give the best complexion on your skin. When you start adding colors it cast on your skin and might not look the best. I suggest staying away from neon colors or anything bright. Earth-tones and light colors are best! Moms- comfort is key. I love long flowly dresses, sweater and leggings/jeans. Whatever fits your style. Dads-can keep it simple with khakis and a crewneck shirt. For babies- a tie knot gown, or neutral ribbed or textured outfit. Siblings- can wear dresses, cardigans or jeans or a sweater/shirt. Just something they are comfortable in!
  5. Preparing Siblings- The most important advice I like to give is to not put to much pressure on them before I arrive. Sometimes talking about it too much and bribing them before hand makes things much worst. I suggest you remain calm and lower your expectations for the session. Kids feed off your behavior so keep things fun and relaxed are key. Also, letting your kids know what to expect so it's not a shock. Something simple like, "Mrs. Alex is coming over to take some pictures of the family and of you and your new sibling. We are going to have so much fun and I cant wait"! Last thing, is just letting them take breaks throughout the session if needed and not forcing it too much. I PROMISE the more you push the more upset and distant they get.
  6. During Your Session- Here are some of my favorite things I like to do/see during a session to keep things fun and normal. Playing music that the siblings like. This will get the to smile, dance and be more of themselves. I love seeing snuggles and love between everyone during the session, this includes kissing your baby/babies, kissing your spouse, tickling the kids, keeping everyone close, heads touching and arms/hands always touching. This really shows the connection in your session.